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How to do an Oil Change

   An oil change is the most basic and probably the most frequent of any motorcycle maintenance that you’d need to do. Check your manual for how frequently you should be doing them. A good rule of thumb is once a season. But if you’re riding a lot you may need to do them more often. Gather the necessary tools, and just remember you get bonus point for not spilling oil all. Over. The. Goddamn. Place.   OIL CHANGE Oil changes should be done on a warm engine.   Make sure the bike is upright, place it on it’s centre stand or a bike jack/lift   Before starting anything, make sure you can get your oil plug out. Especially if working on...

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How To Clean Your Carbs

 How to Clean your Carburetors   Your carbs are responsible for keeping the appropriate fuel to air mixture. The ideal ratio is 14.7 parts air to 1 part fuel. Sounds specific? Good that should give you an idea of how fiddly it can be to work on carbs. That said, getting them in and out is usually the hardest part, the rest is just a bit of trial and error.    You will need A gasket for your float bowl JIS screwdrivers Standard hand tools Carb cleaning process of choice Elbow grease New jets, needles etc. if you have changed any of the other components on your bike like air filters or exhaust. Pen and Paper to for adjustment notes...

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